Unlock the value of Privacy

Reduce your costs, boost your customer experience and increase your revenue.


A portfolio of services using PikcioChain.

PikcioChain-based services

Whether you are a bank, an insurance or a telemedicine company you need to collect qualitative personal data to improve your knowledge of the client and your services, while being compliant with privacy regulation.
Benefit from modular and ready-to-use services designed for your company, your partners and your customers

  • Digital Identity and KYC as a service
  • Clearing House
  • Certification & automated data updates
  • Proof of GDPR compliance
  • Smart contracts
  • Secure messaging

Key benefits

Unlock the value of privacy and digital identity
through powerful ready-to-use services.
  • Data portability & availability

  • Incorruptible &

  • Faster on-boarding & increased customer satisfaction

  • Reduced process costs & time

  • Limited fraud & error risks

  • Traceable
    transactions & exchanges

Less than 3 min

To understand data portability
as a service

Use cases

A new eco-system for personal data cross domains


KYC as a service
Business Certificate
Traceable exchange
Automated credit process
Proof of compliance


Identification as a Service
Claims process acceleration
Smart contracts
Automated data updated
Proof of compliance

Human Resources

Employer ID as a Service
Traceable exchange
Data reconciliation
Educational & Performance bots
Proof of compliance


Patient ID as a Service
Traceable exchange
IOT data reconciliation
Tele medical bots
Proof of compliance


Student ID as a Service
Traceable exchange
Data reconciliation
Educational bots
Proof of compliance


Customer ID as a service usage
Trust Capital Index
Mutualized data pool access
Inidividualized marketplace
Proof of compliance


Digital Identification as a service
Traceable exchange
Form pre-filling
Data reconciliation
Proof of compliance

Home automation

Home unit identification as a service
Utility data
House management bots
IOT data protection
Proof of compliance

Less than 2min30

To understand data certification
in the connected health industry

The Expertise

In the team

After a post-grad in Philosophy, a Master in Mathematics and an MBA , Didier juggled between working in the banking industry for over 15 years and being an entrepreneur in the software industry.

Fabien Bucamp

Co-Founder, CTO +

Fabien is responsible for the monitoring and management of software and hardware development work. He's worked at the French Department of Defense as Team Manager in charge of the Network Security.

Dr. Jorick Lartigau, PhD

Co-Founder, Research +

Jorick leads our research, bringing new features to MatchUpBox solutions. He obtained a PhD in Computer Science in 2015 which makes him a Specialist on Data Security and Big Data algorithms.

Jean-Francois Lienart

Chief Sales Officer +

Jean-Francois built up a strong track record in selling IT services solutions on the Benelux market. His specialties: to find and implement new technology to generate growth in large organizations.



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